For: Dear Hunter
Commissioned by: The Big Draw
Date: October 2014
Location: Heerlen and Antwerp





The Trackbike is a mobile drawing studio constructed for Dear Hunter that enables us to swiftly hunt for stories or experiences throughout a city. During the festival The Big Draw, the Trackbike was present in Heerlen and Antwerp.
Asking an arbitrarily chosen resident about his or her most important place and then going there to draw it offers another way of bringing up stories about a city. Every talk not only leaded us to the next stop, but also tells a story of the city experienced by his inhabitants and visitors. By capturing the places bound to these stories, a new narrative map is created. This map shows the city as it’s experienced by its inhabitants, and gives a subjective and sometimes very surprising image of the city, which brings to light useful information about the perception of it.