Commissioned by: Prix de la Création de la Ville de Liège, 2013
Date: December 2013
Location: Liège, Belgium

By asking about 50 participants the same question, to draw the experience of their parental home, ‘a section of home’ arose: One big drawing by young and old resembling a section of an apartment building. The results are, on a first glance, very different stories, interpretations and imaginations of home, although on a closer look there are surprising similarities. To name a few: windows with a view have been drawn a lot, but almost no doors or opportunities to physically go outside. Also quite surprising is the fact that a sleeping room had been drawn much more then a living room. Although, in my opinion, we spend more time in the living room and we invite friends and family there, we seem to shift priority when it comes to the most prominent feelings. Another thing is the fact that lighting plays an important role in the drawings. Almost every drawer drew a bulb or lamp shape from the middle of the ceiling. This as only a part of the ideas coming out of the drawings that can be of importance during a design process. This subjective interpretation is my point of view based on my experiences of my parental home. Nevertheless I believe that this sort of exercises opens up the design process to the participant and final user of the design.