For: Multiple neighborhoods in Brussels
Commissioned by: IPE-Collectif
Date: September & October 2014
Location: Brussels

IPE-collectif invited me to work on four neighborhoods in Brussels: Koekeliek, Jardin, Bonair and Majorelle. Quartier Durable, in which IPE takes part, supports these neighborhoods by developing activities, events and other initiatives for the community of these neighborhoods. I was invited to organize a kick-off meeting for the communities to better ‘understand’ their neighborhood. These debates were organized around the central question for the citizens to draw their perception of their own neighbourhood as they experience it today, instead of their ideas for the future. Instead of talking about it, what the participants expected, I used the language of drawing. The drawings produced were organized on a map. The intense and heated discussions of regular debates transformed into an evening that started in silence and with full concentration on the imagination of their part of Brussels. After this collaborative evening the drawings are being used in the further development of their activities and even during local events where visitors can continue to work on the drawing.