Commissioned by: Prix de la Création de la Ville de Liège, 2013
Date: December 2014
Location: Liège, Belgium

During the period of an exhibition I proposed an interactive work in which inhabitants were asked to draw a place in Liège from memory, really focussing on what they see, feel and hear with closed eyes. The drawing process became a dialog between the inhabitants, and the result a map that reveals new and uncommon information on how the inhabitants experience their city. For example, places in which the city heavily invested seemed to be of little or no interest to them to draw: The Square St. Lambert, with 60.000 daily visitors, can’t be found on the drawing, while ducks on the river Meuse and less physical aspects like pollution through busses can be read literally. This information has been made visible in a map which adds former unseen aspects to city planning.

The city of Liège has been redrawn and discussed during the drawing process. Drawing became a tool for dialogue between inhabitants.