For Dear Hunter
Commissioned by and Stichting Ulrum 2034
April 2014 – Present
Location: Ulrum, Groningen, NL

Applicable research for – and monitoring of – the ‘structuurvisie Ulrum 2034’.


The aim of Deel&Ulrum is to revitalize this small village in the north of The Netherlands, which has to deal with typical problems of a small town on the countryside: a shrinking population causing troubles for shopkeepers, the council etcetera. By using the hunting technique of interviewing and drawing, we made a map of the village.

Asking residents about stories on ‘their’ village and drawing after these interviews without having seen the village myself, the result is a map from Ulrum as it is experienced by its inhabitants, clearly showing their experiences and perception of places and buildings.

The next step in this project is to zoom in on the map and connect the discovered places, with the ideas and initiatives from out of the village but also from the top-down structure. The created map will be the basis for the ‘structuurvisie’ on the village and thus point out the focal points on which the municipality, together with the inhabitants, will work the next ten years. The map will continue to grow and change and thus be the direct mirror of the activities in the village.