For: Dear Hunter
Commissioned by: Dear Hunter
Date: April 2014 – 2017
Location: Euregion Meuse-Rhine

Dear Euregio is an appliance of several ‘hunting techniques’ used by my office Dear Hunter within the euregion Meuse-Rhine. Two years, three countries, five language regions and eight cities will be the backdrop for two traveling working- and living containers that will relocate every three months.

All daily working, living and travelling experiences within the euregio will become visible and thematized. Moreover, during every stay there will be worked on local assignments, of which the results will be comparable due to the specific methodical approach used. These results will show similarities and differences in the fields of design, architecture and urban planning and will give insight in the position of the occupant or user in it, depending on local habits.

Dear Euregio will also connect various (existing) programs and events in the mentioned disciplines, but will also initiate new ones, and thus be the face of the euregio Meuse-Rhine in all its well- and lesser known places.

Everyone willing to participate in the project can apply for a stay in the EuregiHotel, a small but cozy and fully equipped room for one. The expected kick-off of the project is April 2015, status updates and more fresh info can be found at the Facebook page dedicated to it: Dear Euregio will be a major project for me in 2015 and 2016, and the first case study in my doctoral studies on drawing and the perception of place at the KU Leuven.